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Genuine Curtains  T2 & T25

There are various sizes and lengths of curtain that make up a set on both the T25 and the T2 Camper.

The curtains were available in approx. 7 shades for the T2 and approx 8 for the T25.

Some are rarer than others!

Curtains start at £7.00 depending on size, model and condition.

See Interior Parts Page for Curtain Ties 

Did you know?

The T25/Vanagon


also had a 4 curtain

Set that were

popstuded to

the body?

Did you Know?

Westfalia also made thick,

padded Winter Curtains for their


Genuine Cushion Covers  T2 & T25

We have a large selection of original, Second-hand Cushion covers.

They range from bolster cushions for the early and late T2 to rear cushion covers for the late  T25.

Price start at £45 depending on the item, condition and rarity.


T2 Louvre / Jalousie Window
Net Replacement Kit.

Whether your Louvre Net is damaged or just dirty, you can replace it with a new one in just 10 minutes.

We provide new cord, net, instructions & the tool. All you need is a sharp knife.

It will transform your Louvre for £15.00 per kit.

If you want to do both windows price is £27.00 (only  1 tool provided)

T1 / Splitscreen louvre net kits available, too.  


T2 Rear Hatch

From £25.00

T2 Sliding Door

From £55.00

T3 also available

From £50.00

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