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Vintage Radio Flyers
Rat look Radio Flyers
Picnic Sets
Aluminium Coolbox
Vintage Pepsi Cola Cooler
Coolbox ideal accessory for Roof rac
Emka Cups
Vintage Crates
Westfalia Tow Hitch Covers
Drinks Holders
Radio Flyer style promo Wagons
Childs Radio flyer Wagon in Plastic

There are endless options to "Vintage-Up" your Van for a more period, "retro" look. Alternatively, add accessories to enhance your VW experience.

Let your Imagination run ..........

T1 & Westfalia Caravan Emka Cups     from £4 each

Radio Flyer Wagons in Metal             from £50

                            plastic            from £59

Radio Flyer Umbrella                       from £20

Toy Radio Flyers                             from  99p    

Vintage Coolboxes                         from £35

Vintage Crates                              from  £30


Vintage  Picnic Sets                        from £30

Vintage Surfboards                        from £100


Vintage Wooden Sleds                    from £50   

Lead-lamps   NOS                          from  £25

Cup holders  NEW

(Fold-Down)                                from £9

Grey, Black & Brown

Cup Holders NEW                         from £1.50

(Hooks on your window frame inside)

Black & Grey


T2 & T25 Bikeracks                         from £50

T2 & T3 Tow Hitch Cover & Decal       from 6.50 

T2 & T3 Manuals                           from £9.99    

New & Original Copies

VW Colouring  Books  (A5)               from £5.99

24 pages of  T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 Vans

Why not Click to enlarge, Print out

and colour in the

picture opposite !!



 Genuine Westfalia Bags                 from £3 each

Travel Decals & Other Stickers          from £2 each

Vintage USA decals, Radio Flyer & In-n-Out Burger      

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