There are endless options to "Vintage-Up" your Van for a more period, "retro" look. Alternatively, add accessories to enhance your VW experience.

Let your Imagination run ..........

T1 & Westfalia Caravan Emka Cups     from £4 each

Radio Flyer Wagons in Metal             from £50

                            plastic            from £59

Radio Flyer Umbrella                       from £20

Toy Radio Flyers                             from  99p    

Vintage Coolboxes                         from £35

Vintage Crates                              from  £30


Vintage  Picnic Sets                        from £30

Vintage Surfboards                        from £100


Vintage Wooden Sleds                    from £50   

Lead-lamps   NOS                          from  £25

Cup holders  NEW

(Fold-Down)                                from £9

Grey, Black & Brown

Cup Holders NEW                         from £1.50

(Hooks on your window frame inside)

Black & Grey


T2 & T25 Bikeracks                         from £50

T2 & T3 Tow Hitch Cover & Decal       from 6.50 

T2 & T3 Manuals                           from £9.99    

New & Original Copies

VW Colouring  Books  (A5)               from £5.99

24 pages of  T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 Vans

Why not Click to enlarge, Print out

and colour in the

picture opposite !!



 Genuine Westfalia Bags                 from £3 each

Travel Decals & Other Stickers          from £2 each

Vintage USA decals, Radio Flyer & In-n-Out Burger      


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