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There are many types of tap depending on your model Westfalia.

We also offer plugs, pumps and other parts...including the sinks !! . 

Plug/ Strainer for
T2 /T3 / Vanagon
From £8.50
12V Electric Water
12V Electric Pump Switch
Water Filler Tube Cap
From £9.99
Water Filler Tube.
From £15.99
USA Spec City Water Tap
From  £89.99 SOLD OUT
Early Baywindow T2
Butterfly Pump Tap
From  £85.00  SOLD OUT
12V Electric Tap for Late
T2 Weekender and Deluxe
from £19.99 SOLD OUT

This is an new tap made by the company who made the taps for westfalia in the 1970s ...

It measures bottom of the base to top of the spout: 6cm so it is for the berlin weekend unit without the top

The base, however is a little larger and measures: 9cm x 4.3cm. I recommend you measure where you plan to install before purchase.


If you plan to replace your old tap you may have to attach speed clips to the back of the screws to hold them in place depending on the spacing of your screw holes.

PLEASE NOTE: I only have a few of these left and they have some minor imperfections in the chrome. I will send photos of the tap I have available before sending.

12V Electric Water
Tap  for T3 / T25
from £70.00
Baywindow T2
Exterior Horseshoe Cover.
From  £22.00
Baywindow T2
Exterior City Water Unit.
NEW From  £32.99.
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