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Please click twice on the pictures below for more details. 

Prices do not include P&P.

Most items are Second-hand.

T2 USA Spec


From £90.00

White & patterned

T2 Early Flip over Table     From £110

White & Dark veneer

T2 Berlin

Table with


From £200.00

T2 Helsinki


From £150.00

T3 Front Table

Grey &  Beige

(60cm x 40cm)

From £180.00

T3 Rear Table

Grey &  Beige

(85cm x 45cm)

From £120.00

Early T2 Flip over Table Hinge

£15.00 each.


T2 Berlin, Campmobile & Helsinki

Table bracket

From £30.00

T2 USA Spec

Table leg base

From £9.00

T2 Front Table

fits all years

From £100.00

T2 Helsinki Front Table / Sink top

From £100.00


T2 Front Table Leg.

From £14.00

T2 Front Table fixing Brackets.

with fixing guidelines. They fix  either side of the ashtray.

From £17.00

T2 Early Flip over Sink Top

 From £89

White & patterned veneer

The above hinge will enable your flip-top table to function again.

It is not exact to the original. However, during our investigations we fitted it to a Genuine Westfalia flip-top table and it functioned just as the original.

It is made of brass and is chromed. The top of the hinge looks as the original. It is when you flip the extension shut that the underside looks only a little different.

Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.

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