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VW and the German Military.

VW  Vans have formed an integral and important part of the vehicle Fleet of the German Army (Bundeswehr) for the best part of 60 years, now, with Split-Screen, Bay Window, T25/T3, T4, T5 and T6 vans applied to all sorts of uses within the Service, both as Buses and Crew-Cabs.


The Army T25 was developed to be an all-rounder, with the base “BUS” and “Crew-Cab”equipped with floor and sidewall fixings, to allow quick and easy universal installation and removal of a variety of interior equipment packages, such as Radio Van, Ambulance, Passenger Bus, Mobile Repair Workshop for Electronics, etc. etc.

Generally, these vans were extremely well looked after, often boasting almost insultingly low mileages, so that it was not uncommon for a decommissioned bus or crew-cab to have just 30 thousand miles on the clock, with a near perfect, rust-free body shell.

Whilst very basic in spec. (no luxuries like power steering, opening side windows or square headlamps here!), they were almost all equipped with underfloor Eberspächer nightheaters, as well as more robust suspension set-ups for off-road work.

Possibly the most sought-after and rare of the interiors are those fitted to the Radio Vans. These days, vans are decommissioned without any interior components whatsoever. However, occasionally, one slips through the net and a vehicle will leave the service of the Army still sporting its full equipment kit, minus radios. Most radio vans had a relatively easy life, mostly garaged, regularly serviced with no expense spared, and used only when on exercises, etc. It is not unusual to see Radio Vans with just 15 thousand miles on the clock!  These ex-Radio Vans are the most sought-after of all by enthusiasts, as well as people wanting to convert them to campers, etc.

Check out an Army bus that has been kitted out with an interior at the link below:

If you fancy one of these vans or crew-cabs, please get in touch.

We may be able to help you to source something unique and very special!

We also are able to supply parts and accessories for the German Army Vans, whether VW spares or Army Equipment, such as Convoy Flag sets, Warning Lights, genuine Jerry Cans, Black-Out Blinds, Decontamination Kits, First Aid Kits, etc.,etc.

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